NEH Summer Scholars will receive a $3300 (taxable) stipend to help defray the costs of travel to Santa Cruz as well as meals and lodging for the four weeks of the seminar. Stipends are intended to help cover travel expenses to and from the project location, books and other research expenses, and ordinary living expenses. These expenses include housing costs: on-campus housing for the month is approximately $1265; privately arranged off-campus housing may cost more. Whether staying on campus or off, participants can expect roughly half of the stipend will go to housing; the remainder should be more than enough to cover transportation costs to Santa Cruz, with perhaps a bit left over for other expenses. 


Applicants to all projects should note that supplements will not be given in cases where the stipend is insufficient to cover all expenses.

Stipends are taxable, and CA State taxes will be withheld unless a waiver is provided. California law requires "Those who pay California source income to nonresidents of California, with certain limited exceptions, must withhold 7 percent of all payments that exceed $1,500 in a calendar year." The State of California Franchise Tax Board has information about how individuals can request a reduced state withholding.


There are no tution charges or fees associated with the seminar. All educational costs are paid by the NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities). As outlined above, the $3300 stipend should be sufficient to cover reasonable lodging and travel expenses for most participants. 

NEH Summer Scholars will be encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit. The first payment will be issued st the start of the seminar with a second payment for the balance issued on in he third week.


Participants in NEH Seminars and Institutes are required to attend all meetings and to engage fully as professionals in the work of the project. During the project’s tenure, they may not undertake teaching assignments or any other professional activities unrelated to their participation in the project. NEH Summer Scholars who, for any reason, do not complete the full tenure of the project must refund a pro-rata portion of the stipend.


At the end of the project’s residential period, NEH Summer Scholars will be asked to submit online evaluations in which they review their work during the summer and assess its value to their personal and professional development. These evaluations will become part of the project’s grant file.