Housing for NEH Summer Scholars will be provided on campus in tranquil redwood groves in private, single bedrooms within four bedroom/one bath apartments; each furnished apartment is equipped with kitchen, living room, dining area, balcony or patio, and Internet (both WiFi and Ethernet). The apartments are located within pleasant walking distance to McHenry Library. We're sorry, but on-campus housing cannot accommodate children or pets. 


The rate for a single room in a shared (4-rooom) apartment on campus is $40.45 per night. A linen pack can be rented for $49 for four weeks. The total (approximate) cost of a single room on campus for the entire month of July is $1262.50. This total represents less than half of the $3300 stipend participants will receive. (For those choosing to live on-campus, housing costs will be deducted from the stipend before the first stipend check is distributed).


Those who prefer more privacy, more living space, or closer proximity to town are more than welcome to live off-campus; upon their acceptance to the seminar, NEH Summer Scholars will receive information about off-campus housing and local short-term rentals. A sufficient number of desirable summer subleases are available in the immediate campus area and in other parts of the city and suburbs. Whether it's pets, partners, or privacy, proximity to beach or wooded suburbs, Airbnb, Homeaway, and Craigslist are excellent sources for locating off-campus housing to suit just about anyone's taste. In July, a 3-bedroom house in Santa Cruz can be expected to fetch $3000-$4000 (for the month): divided three ways (assuming 2-3 participants share the house), the rent would come to $1000-$2000 per person for the month (slightly more than the on-campus option, but with more creature comforts and a wider variety of options). Even with the higher private rental price, the stipend should be enough to cover off-campus housing and travel for most participants. 


While no short-term housing situation is ever perfect, the are lots options to choose from so that participants should have little trouble finding a housing situation that is comfortable, afforable, and that meets their various and unique needs.


As the UCSC campus is slightly removed from the lively downtown area of Santa Cruz, a bus pass to and from town or a parking pass will be provided to all Summer Scholars. A one-month pass to use the campus athletics facilities (the Field House) may be purchased for $32. 


Prior to your arrival in Santa Cruz, you will be invited to introduce yourselves to one another via a Facebook group and email list, both of which will provide you with ways of communicating with one another even after the seminar has ended.